Financial Policies

For your convenience we accept:

Visa, Mastercard, Direct Debit (Interac), certified cheques, and cash.  

Payment is requested at the time of treatment.

Payment Policy

Please note that payment is due at the time of treatment for all services rendered at our office.
Our dedicated staff will be more than happy to provide you with thorough treatment plans and estimates prior to any treatment being rendered.  All you have to do is ask.

For minors, the accompanying parent is responsible for payment.  If a young patient presents without a parent/guardian, we will assume that the parent  has given consent to any necessary treatment and will anticipate payment by the parent the same day for all treatment rendered.
If you have any questions about the cost of treatment, please ask prior to your appointment. We will be happy to clarify any and all financial details for you. Once treatment is rendered, fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Insurance Coverage

Our dedicated and experienced staff will help you fill out your insurance forms, send estimates and predetermine your dental insurance coverage. The patient is responsible for payment at the time of treatment, and will be reimbursed by their dental insurance company where applicable. 

Why don't you accept payment from my insurance company directly?

The Ontario Dental Association, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, and the Canadian Dental Association recommend that dentists do not accept direct payment from insurance companies. This allows the dentists and staff to focus on providing optimal dental care to the patient, without distraction, conflicts of interest or Insurance bias.

As health professionals, our dentists will offer you treatment that is in your best interest, regardless of Insurance coverage.  This will ensure that you are always provided with the highest standard of care. 

How is the dentist involved in dental insurance coverage?

Please note that your insurance coverage is negotiated between your Insurance Company and your Employer. The Dentist has no control over the type, quality or extent of your coverage. Any concerns related to such matters should be reviewed with your employer.  Our fees reflect the nature and complexity of the treatment we provide, not the insurance company's policy.

If you are concerned about the cost or insurance coverage of a dental procedure, please ask us to clarify it for you.  We want to help take away the financial stress of treatment and to make your experience a positive and fulfilling one. 

Once treatment has been rendered, the patient is responsible for all outstanding fees, regardless of insurance coverage.